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Privacy Policy for Gmail App:

We respect everyone's private information and would never ever collect anything from your email accounts. The Gmail App is simply intended as a IMPORT TOOL of possible products and nothing else. Scan your inbox once to see if you have forgotten to list any of these products in your subscriptions. No information is stored anywhere until you click the add button. When you click the add button, all we take is the domain name of the tool that you want to add to your list. That's it. No other information is being utilized. All private emails from the following domains are being ignored and bypassed:

Privacy Policy for Chrome Plugin:

Chrome plugin has a triple purpose and is intended for:
  1. Notifying users about new unseen deals in their accounts - whenever there's a new unseen product, a badge will show up by your plugin icon. If you chose not to see the number badge, you can disable that option in your settings.
  2. One-off additions of "active" urls to your software library - whenever you are on any website, you can click the icon to quickly add the current page you're on as either an LTD or a subscription to keep your library up to date quickly.
  3. Full import of your products via special pages - at this point we allow imports of Appsumo deals from your product page as well as Stacksocial. If you'd like to request others, please do so via the chat bubble you can find on the lower left side.
No additional information is stored and collected via the plugin.

Here is my simple Ninja privacy policy!

If you are participating in the exchange of deals (buying and/or selling), you will be asked to provide us with the login information for the deal in question. This is purely for the security of the exchange. We will not use it or share this information until the payment for this purchase has been received in full.
When you create your account, we store the following information in our database:
  1. Your email address
All other information is optional but recommended if not for anything else then for on-page customizations and friendlier emails.

We only use the necessary PHP session cookies to identify you and your listings. There is no tracking of any sort, no weird popups, let's face it, I'm a ninja, if I wanted to find you, using cookies would be considered cheating.

The only two third party tools used on this website are Mailchimp and Lemlist. Mailchimp, because he's cute as hell and I want to high-five him every time I send you an email.

If you want all of your information wiped, you can click here to completely wipe your entire account

Privacy Policy update date: August 24th, 2022