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Here is my simple Ninja privacy policy!

I don't know who you are... and I don't really care, unless you're like famous or something, in which case email me at and we can have a low carb beer.

If you are doing the exchange of deals (buying and/or selling), you will be asked to connect with facebook. We store the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. Your email
  3. Your facebook id
In addition to that, you can also store you messenger username if you prefer to be contacted via facebook.

I only use the necessary PHP session and Facebook session cookies to identify you and your listings. There is no tracking of any sort, no weird popups, let's face it, I'm a ninja, if I wanted to find you, using cookies would be considered cheating.

The only two tools used on this website are Facebook connect, so that I can confirm that you are who you are when you list your deal and Mailchimp, because he's cute as hell and I want to high-five him.

If you want all of your information wiped, you can either delete everything you shared one by one, or click here to remove everything at once or pretend to be famous for a second and email me at and I will remove it within 1 business day.

Privacy Policy update date: June 3rd 2018
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