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I am the Deal Ninja!

You can submit your deal or any other deal you found online here for my review and to be added to the list on the main page of LTD.NINJA

I will not accept any scammy looking deals, anything that isn't a lifetime deal, any classes, wordpress plugins or VPNs. Sweet Unlimited SAAS only! Companies who are serious about getting a good jump start of their company understand that they need user-base to tell them if their software works and they need budget to grow their company. I am here to ninja the heck out of every great deal and let you all know about it pronto.

Saas owners read below!

You probably don't know me, yet. So here are few things you need to know about me:
  • I am a business owner
  • I host over 200 domain names
  • I own 2 saas companies myself
  • I use over 40 different saas software, 90% of it was an LTD at some point
  • I'm a web developer with over 15 years of experience
  • I'm a blogger
And to further unmask the Ninja find me on the team of Stage 32 and Web For Actors. There's only one person that's on there, so there, my mask is off.

I won't beat around the bush, because the bush is right here and it wants to be beaten. I'm a blogger and a coder, I've been writing code for small startups for quite some time, so I know all about what you're going through. I'd say that I also know what language your audience speaks. You might speak it too, but many times implementation is a bit lacking or you need a second set of eyes to examine it and explain it to others. I'd love to be your deal implementation explainer.

My ask: give me the dibs on all deals before they go live along with the free account of whatever you're offering.

My give: as soon as I get access to your software, I will jump in, break it apart, and evaluate it, there could be two outcomes:
  1. I love it - I will offer my suggestions on what can be improved or changed and I will write a blog highlighting the usage and send it out to your potential clients whenever the deal goas live. In return I get to keep my account.
  2. I hate it - I will offer you my findings and reasons why I wouldn't recommend this software. At that point you can remove my account.
So as you see. Worst case scenario, you get my opinion for free and the best case scenario, you give up one license to your SaaS for the price of review, recommendation, article and access to potential clients.

Here is an example of my recent blog post / review: Goodbye Cloudinary, Hello Publitio. If that sounds good to you, just email me at