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SiteGuru - The Smart SEO Audit Tool

As an individual who hosts hundreds of domains and someone who used to do SEO for huge Real Estate corporations, I've always been on the lookout for a great SEO review tool. One that works well and doesn't give me bogus and outdated recommendation such as "you are missing the keywords tag"... seriously. At some point I decided to build my own, but... the upkeep. It's riddiculous... enter SiteGuru.

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diib - #1 Website Growth Platform

I honestly don't know when or where I signed up for this website, but I've paid for it for 6 months, so I call diibs on writing this review. The Pro Subscription includes "Growth Plan" with daily alerts and objectives, up to 30 websites, professional help anytime, social media monitoring, SEO & keywords analysis... Let's go!

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