Lifetime Deals. All in one place.

Here are my simple Ninja terms!

All terms will be written in caps... it's as if I were screaming, but I'm actually very, very quiet.

If you send a link and I share it and someone claims DMCA takedown, that stuff is going doooown.

This website is for sharing lifetime deals (it's like Craigslist, but for LTDs), if you want to buy something off of someone, and they don't provide you with the product, think of me as "uncle Craig", I will block the poster, but I can't possibly get you your money back.

If I feel uncomfortable with your deal for any reason, I reserve the right to take it down (down... down... down...) like fruits that people throw at me... with my Katana.

Be nice and kind to others... only I get the right to be cheaky on this website.

Terms creation date: June 2nd 2018